Working Groups

Working Groups are an integral part of SAMSI’s research programs. They provide the settings for carrying on the research themes given in Workshops.

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Program on Numerical Analysis in Data Science (Fall 2020)

  • Working Group I:  Large-scale Inverse Problems and Uncertainty Quantification
  • Working Group II:  Global Sensitivity Analysis
  • Working Group III:  Randomized Algorithms for Matrices and Data
  • Working Group IV:  Computational Algorithms for Reinforcement Learning (Leader – Rui Song, NCSU)

Program on Combinatorial Probability (Spring 2021)

Program on Data Science in the Social and Behavioral Sciences (Spring 2021)

  • Working Group I: TBD
  • Working Group II:  TBD
  • Working Group III: TBD

Additional information for Working Group Leaders and Web Masters is provided HERE

Past Working Groups