Other Information for Visitors

Travel Policy

SAMSI travel funding is done on a reimbursement basis. Participants book and pay for their own travel, and are then reimbursed up to the amount indicated in the invitation letter.

Original receipts are needed for reimbursement, as well as the completed expense form. Expenses can generally include travel, lodging, subsistence and local transportation (including car rental) up to the allotted maximum.

There are some restrictions:

  1. The National Science Foundation has rules concerning air carriers.  The detailed version is available, in part 10c of the National Science Foundation Grant General Conditions (GC-1). Generally there are no problems if the airline is a “US Flag Carrier”, or if the route being travelled is not served by such an airline.  There are a number of exceptions, follow the link if you need to find out what those are.
  2. Reimbursement of ticket change expenses may not be allowed.

Reimbursement Information

Download Visitors Expense Reimbursement Form  (PDF file).

SAMSI/NISS Affiliate members can request reimbursement from their ARA account using the form found here.

Nursing Mothers

SAMSI is able to provide a private room for nursing mothers. Please contact staff member Karem Jackson or Rita Fortune for assistance.


  • SAMSI is located in the NISS/SAMSI building.
  • The NISS/SAMSI Building is located in the Research Triangle Park, a cluster of mostly industrial and government research facilities in the State of North Carolina. This map will give you a good idea where NISS/SAMSI is.
  • The Research Triangle Park is located in the triangle whose vertices are the cities of Raleigh, Durham and Chapel Hill.
  • The university partners in SAMSI span the Research Triangle:
  • SAMSI is convenient to each university by car, but somewhat inconvenient by other modes of transportation. Distances:
    • Duke – SAMSI:    ~8.5 miles (14 km)
    • NCSU – SAMSI:    ~16.5 miles (26 km)
    • UNC – SAMSI:    ~13.5 miles (22 km)
  • Go to Transportation for more discussion of transportation choices.
  • Go to directions for details about driving to SAMSI.
  • Deeper understanding of relative locations can be obtained from Web sites that provide local maps, such as Lycos Roadmaps or MapQuest.


  • Transportation in the Research Triangle Area is much more convenient by car than by other modes.
  • Car Rental options are listed here.
  • Rush hour traffic is a serious issue for travel between SAMSI and Raleigh, and between SAMSI and Chapel Hill (but not for travel to Durham).
  • Bicycling (even though distances are reasonable) is not recommended. The roads are narrow and car traffic is heavy and fast, the drivers are not expecting cyclists. In the summer, heat and humidity make cycling unpleasant.
  • Bus riding is an option, although not convenient, because travel from SAMSI to almost anywhere involves at least one transfer.
    • The best source for bus options is Triangle Transit, and Maps & Schedules at GoTriangle.
    • Triangle Transit sends buses to each of the Triangle Cities.
    • While almost any trip requires a transfer, they coordinate their departures.
    • Each city also has its own bus system: Chapel Hill, Durham, or Raleigh.
    • But connection to SAMSI will require transfer to Triangle Transit.

Information about the Triangle Region

Research Triangle Regional Partnership


Chapel Hill