Governing Board

Mihai Anitescu

SIAM Representative to SAMSI Governing Board
Argonne National Laboratory
Mathematics and Computer Science

Mary Batcher

Chair of NISS Board
Ernst & Young
Quantitative Economics and Statistics

Robert Calderbank

Director of the Information Initiative at Duke
Duke University
Computer Science – Electrical and Computer Engineering – Mathematics

William Ditto

Dean-College of Sciences
North Carolina State Univeristy

Kevin Guskiewicz

Senior Associate Dean for the Natural Sciences
The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Exercise and Sport Science

Linda Young

ASA Representative
National Agricultural Statistics Service

National Advisory Committee

Rebecca Doerge

Director of the Statistical Bioinformatics Center
Purdue University

Francesca Dominici

Harvard School of Public Health

Irene Gamba

University of Texas – Austin

Max Gunzburger

Florida State University
Scientific Computing

Mac Hyman

National Advisory Committee Co-Chair
Tulane University and Los Alamos National Laboratory

Kirk Jordan

IBM Research
Computational Science Center

Michael Mahoney

SAMSI National Advisory Committee
University of California Berkeley

Susan Murphy

National Advisory Committee Co-Chair
University of Michigan

Habib Najm

SAMSI National Advisory Committee
Sandia National Laboratories
Combustion Research

Claudia Neuhauser

University of Minnesota
Ecology, Evolution, and Behavior; Biochemistry, Molecular Biology, and Biophysics; Computer Science and Engineering

Javier Rojo

University of Nevada
Mathematics and Statistics

Michael Stein

University of Chicago

Local Department Liaisons

Howard Bondell

North Carolina State University

Stephen George

Duke University
Biostatistics and Bioinformatics

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