Proposing a new SAMSI Program

The Statistical and Applied Mathematical Sciences Institute (SAMSI) invites proposals for year-long research programs, workshops and shorter summer programs. All proposals should address topics of current research interest in statistics, applied mathematics, or interdisciplinary applications.

The SAMSI directorate will work with organizers of accepted proposals to host the program, including providing financial and logistic support for inviting participants and arranging facilities. Year-long programs will take place at SAMSI’s facilities in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina. Summer programs and special topics workshops are generally held at SAMSI but could be proposed for other locations. Summer programs can be from one to four weeks in length, while workshops are shorter, typically 2-3 days.

Proposals for summer programs and special topic workshops should take the form of a statement of a few pages that includes:

  1. Title of the proposed program
  2. Type of program (workshop, summer program or year-long program)
  3. Proposed dates and length of program
  4. List of organizers, with previous organizational experience, with CVs attached
  5. Detailed description of the scientific scope
  6. List of primary participants/speakers to be invited, with considerations of diversity
  7. Outline of planned activities (overviews, research lectures, panel discussions, tutorials, collaborative research sessions)
  8. Plans for inviting other participants (estimate of numbers)
  9. Estimated budget (including travel and housing for participants and any potential funding from co-sponsors)

The above outline of proposal elements is also applicable for proposals for year-long programs.

Year-long programs are given more resources and have much more complex structures, including postdoctoral fellows hired for the program, long term visitor support, graduate courses, multiple workshops and on-going weekly research working groups.

For accepted proposals, SAMSI will work with program organizers on steps needed for development of the full program. The full approval and planning process for year-long programs should start two years before the proposed start of the program.

Submit applications via email to [email protected]

A template for proposing a SAMSI workshop.