E&O: Interdisciplinary Workshop for Undergraduate Students: May 14-19, 2017

Apply Here by Monday, March 27, 2017


This workshop will take place at the NC State University Campus, Raleigh, NC.


This week long workshop will provide an introduction to applied mathematical and statistical research in the area of astronomy and optimization. Talks will be presented by statisticians and applied mathematicians who work with analyzing data arise in modern astronomical and space sciences research as well as on optimization methods with applications to energy and environment. For a good part of the week, students, in teams of 3 or 4, will use data from different sources to investigate a variety of questions related to several exciting and emerging area of research ranging from the data produced by both ground-based and space-based astronomical surveys at many wave-bands to cosmology, exoplanets, gravitational waves and synoptic surveys. The students will also explore the recent developments in optimization including semidefinite programming, Bayesian optimization and decision analysis, Mixed-integer PDE-constrained optimization etc. Finally, student teams will be prepared to make short presentations on the last day of the workshop, and have the option of having their final presentations reside on the SAMSI website.

While students from universities not in the U.S. are welcome to apply, please be aware that priority is given to students who are enrolled at U.S. schools. Applications received by Monday, March 27th, 2017 will receive full consideration.

SAMSI will reimburse pre-approved and appropriate travel expenses as well as provide food and lodging.

Questions: email [email protected]