Greg Fishel - "The Changing Climate of Weather Prognostication: The Irony of Uncertainty Leading to Better Forecasts"

Greg Fishel, Chief Meteorologist from Capitol Broadcasting Company (WRAL-TV and WRAL-FM) spoke Dec. 4, 2013 at the James B. Hunt Library at NC State University.

LDHD Opening workshop

Presenters: Dalayan, Dunson, Gilbert, Nesterov and Sept Yuan

CMSS Opening Workshop

Presenters: Del Valle, Gile, Jackman, Little and Raftery

LDHD Summer School - Zhang

Presenter: Tong Zhang "Convex and nonconvex methods for high dimensional sparse estimation"

LDHD Summer School - Zhou

Presenter: Hua Zhou, "Genomics and high-dimensional optimization"

LDHD Summer School - Dunson

Presenter: David Dunson "Bayesian Learning from Big Data"

LDHD Summer School - Lee

Presenter: Ann Lee, "Population and familial structure in genetic association studies"

LDHD Summer School - Meckes

Presenter: Elizabeth Meckes, "Randomness in geometry and topology: finding order in the chaos"

LDHD Summer School - Silva

Presenter: Vin de Silva, "Topological and geometrical structures in data analysis"

Francesca Dominici

Simons Public Lecture Series: The Public Health Impact of Air Pollution and Climate Change


Haesun Park

Data and Visual Analytics for Knowledge Discovery in High Dimensional Data

Michael I. Jordan

Divide-and-Conquer and Statistical Inference for Big Data

Petros Drineas

Mining Massive Datasets: a (Randomized) Liner Algebraic Approach

Tamás Budavári

Tamás Budavári
Statistical Methods in Astronomy

Avi Mandelbaum

Data-Based Service Networks: A Research Framework for Asymptotic Inference, Analysis & Control of Service Systems

Marianthi Markatou

Comparative Effectiveness Research: An Overview and Some Methodological Challenges