ECOL Workshop – Louis J. Gross (Discussant)

Presenter: Louis J. Gross, "Discussant: Models and Tradeoffs".

ECOL Workshop – Jay Ver Hoef (Discussant)
Presenter: Jay Ver Hoef, "Discussion of Spatial Ecology Session".
ECOL Workshop – Erin Peterson

Presenter: Erin Peterson, "Modeling Dendritic Ecological Networks".

ECOL Workshop – Daniel Hayes

Presenter: Daniel Hayes, "The Forest Changescape: A View from Above".

ECOL Workshop – Lou J. Gross

Presenter: Louis J. Gross, "Overview of mathematical Approaches to Resilience, Stability and Transitions with Particular Application to Savanna Systems".

ECOL Workshop – Bertrand H. Lemasson

Presenter: Bertrand H. Lemasson, "The Influence of Cognition, Individual Capability, and Social Interactions in Modeling Animal Movements".

ECOL Workshop – Matthew Farthing

Presenter: Matthew Farthing, "Large Computational Modeling by USACE".

ECOL Workshop – Randy Hanson

Presenter: Randy Hanson, "Examples of Large Integrated Hydrologic Models (...)".

ECOL Workshop – Christopher K. Wikle (Discussant)

Presenter: Christopher K. Wikle, "Discussion: Ecology of Infectious Diseases".

ECOL Workshop – Jennifer Hoeting

Presenter: Jennifer Hoeting, "Modeling Wildlife Epidemics: Parameter Inference and Model Selection in Deterministic and Stochastic Dynamical Models".

ECOL Workshop – Zhilan Feng

Presenter: Zhilan Feng, "Ermerging Disease Dynamics in a Model Coupling Within-host and Between-host Systems".

ECOL Workshop – Philip Dixon

Presenter: Philip Dixon, "Following three presentations from session I: Multivariate Inference and Prediction for Biodiversity".

ECOL Workshop – Janneke Hille-Ris-Lambers

Presenter: Janneke Hille-Ris-Lambers, "The Implications of Climate Change for Three Species Distributions in the pacific Northwest".

ECOL Workshop – Allen Hurlbert

Presenter: Allen Hurlbert, "Explaining Biodiversity Patterns, or How To Characterize an Elephant".

ECOL Workshop – Andrew Latimer

Presenter: Andrew Latimer, "Using Statistical Models to Study Climate-disturbance-plant Interactions".

ECOL Workshop – Carlos Castillo-Chavez

Presenter: Carlos Castillo-Chavez, "Introduction to the Mathematics of Infectious Diseases".