Bioinfo Workshop - Greg Buck

Presenter: Greg Buck, "Changing Paradigms of the Vaginal Microbiome in Health, Disease and Pregnancy ".

Bioinfo Workshop - Susmita Datta

Presenter: Susmita Datta, "An Integrative Exploratory Analysis of -Omics Data from the ICGC".

Bioinfo Workshop - Hongzhe Li

Presenter: Hongzhe Li, "Microbiome, Metagenomics and High-dimensionel Compositional data Analysis".

Bioinfo Workshop - Curtis Huttenhower

Presenter: Curtis Huttenhower, "Identifying Personal Microbiomes Using Metagenomic Codes".

Bioinfo Workshop - Panel #1

Moderator: Karin Dorman, "Roles of the mathematical Sciences in Bioinformatics Education".

Bioinfo Workshop - Jun Liu

Presenter: Jun Liu, "Bayesian Reconstruction of DNA Structures from the Hi-C Data".

Bioinfo Workshop - Kasper Hanson

Presenter: Kasper Hanson, "".

Bioinfo Workshop - Kim Siegmund

Presenter: Kim Siegmund, "Statistical Analysis of HumanMethylation Arrays".

Bioinfo Workshop - David Pollack

Presenter: David Pollack, "Epistasis, Convergence, and the Evolutionary Stokes Shift".

Bioinfo Workshop - Laura Kubatko

Presenter: Laura Kubatko, "Soecies-level Phylogenetic Inference Using Large-scale Sequence Data".

Bioinfo Workshop - Ziheng Yang

Presenter: Ziheng Yang, "Multispecies Coalescent and its Applications in Comparative Analysis of Genomic Sequence Data".

Bioinfo Workshop - Terry Speed

Presenter: Terry Speed, "Statistical and Mathematical Bioinformatics: Past, Present and Future".

Bioinfo Workshop - Mark Gerstein

Presenter: Mark Gerstein, "Overview of Some of the Data and Models Involved in ENCODE Genome Annotation".

Bioinfo Workshop - Susan Holmes

Presenter: Susan Holmes, "Waste Not, Want Not: Using the Data, All the Data".

Bioinfo Workshop - Rebecca Doerge

Presenter: Rebecca Doerge, "Wanted: Large Complex 'Omic Data seeking Quantitative Reasoning and Analysis".

ECOL Workshop – Louis J. Gross (Discussant)

Presenter: Louis J. Gross, "Discussant: Models and Tradeoffs".