Sakai Instructions


In order to access a Working Group project site in Sakai, you will need to have one of the following:

1) An email account at:,, or
2) A Duke University NetID

If you currently do not have either of the above, please create a Gmail account. The account can easily be set-up to forward messages to your regular email address. The instructions for setting up the account and forwarding mail can be found here.

To join a working group: Please send your name and your email address (from above) or Duke Net ID to the Working Group contact (found on the working group web page.) You will then receive an email with instructions for activating your access.

To login to a Sakai working group: Follow this link. On the login page (hosted at Duke University), if you are using an email address, click on “visitor guest access” and follow the prompts.

Please review SAMSI’s policy on posting copyrighted documents (pdf) on working group pages.