Program on Algebraic Methods in Systems Biology and Statistics

In recent years, methods from algebra, algebraic geometry, and discrete mathematics have found new and unexpected applications in systems biology as well as in statistics, leading to the emerging new fields of “algebraic biology” and \algebraic statistics.” Furthermore, there are emerging applications of algebraic statistics to problems in biology. This year-long program provided a focus for the further development and maturation of these two areas of research as well as their interconnections. The unifying theme is provided by the common mathematical tool set as well as the increasingly close interaction between biology and statistics. The program allowed researchers working in algebra, algebraic geometry, discrete mathematics, and mathematical logic to interact with statisticians and biologists and make fundamental advances in the development and application of algebraic methods to systems biology and statistics. The essential involvement of biologists and statisticians in the program provided the applied focus and a sounding board for theoretical research.

Working Groups:

    1. Relationship between structure and dynamics of biological networks
    2. Algebraic Statistics and Experimental Design
    3. Evolutionary Biology and Phylogenetics

** To see more in depth information on this program, see the report HERE **