SAMSI Co-Sponsored Event: Ingram Olkin S3 Forum: Gun Violence — The Statistical Issues


ASA Headquarters, Alexandria, VA


SAMSI, in cooperation with the National Institute of Statistical Sciences (NISS) and the American Statistical Association (ASA) initiated the S3 Forums with a workshop that examined gun violence and how statisticians contribute to its understanding. That gun violence is a vexing problem in the U.S. needs little explanation. Numerous foundations and governmental bodies have recognized that adequate information and insight is lacking about ownership and use of firearms, the causes and consequences of their use, and the effects of interventions and technological innovations. The sociological context and the implications on health and on law enforcement involve a variety of disciplines; the spectrum of questions that arise affect policymakers at all levels. Implicit is that obtaining adequate information and understanding requires data of high quality and analyses that can withstand scrutiny by all concerned.

Discussions included analyses of trends in gun violence, new sources of gun violence data, gun crime investigations, police shootings, effect of laws on gun violence, firearm forensics, and illegal gun markets. Presenters included statisticians, economists, and criminologists conducting research on gun violence.

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