Potential Graduate Student Visitors

Please note that your monthly funding allotment from SAMSI, if any, is not intended as a replacement for your support from your home university. It is intended only to help defray a portion of the costs of being in residence at SAMSI.

SAMSI is not located on or near a university campus. It is located in the middle of the Research Triangle Park in Durham, NC, a rural, wooded park with no accommodations or other services within walking distance. For this reason, we strongly advise each visitor to SAMSI to have a car at his/her disposal. Some visitors utilize bicycles, but the distances are long and many of the highways are heavily traveled with no separate bike lanes. We advise people not to be dependent on bicycling in this area.

In Durham, Chapel Hill and Raleigh there are a variety of types of accommodation available within driving distance of SAMSI.

Please note also that scholars coming to SAMSI from foreign universities are required by the U.S. visa regulations to maintain health insurance at all times while present in the U.S. Detailed information on this matter may be found here. While this information is specific to persons whose visas are obtained through Duke University, similar requirements apply to visa obtained through either UNC or NCSU.