Participation in Workshops

SAMSI organizes numerous workshops both scientific and educational. Application forms can be found on the pages of individual events.

Program Events:

Each scientific program has an Opening Workshop, Transition Workshop, and mid-program events. All workshops and events for a particular program can be found on the webpage of that program.

Education and Outreach:

SAMSI facilitates a national Education and Outreach Program for undergraduate and graduate students interested in statistics and applied mathematics and their application in the disciplinary sciences. These include:

Two-Day Undergraduate Workshop, designed to give undergraduates hands-on experience in research topics related to SAMSI programs.

SAMSI Undergraduate Workshop: Each year, SAMSI conducts a one-week undergraduate workshop, intended for college juniors and seniors, focused on SAMSI research activities related to the statistical and applied mathematical modeling and analysis of experimental data. Participants will be involved in a hands-on experience using mathematical and statistical models to analyze data.

Industrial Mathematical and Statistical Modeling Workshop for Graduate Students: The objective of this annual workshop is to expose graduate students in mathematics, engineering, and statistics to challenging and exciting real-world problems arising in industrial and government laboratory research. The students also learn about the team approach to problem-solving. Students are divided into six-member teams to collaborate on industrial projects presented by experienced scientists and engineers. During the workshop, each group is mentored by both the problem presenter and a faculty advisor.