SAMSI Associates Program

The Statistical and Applied Mathematical Sciences Institute (SAMSI) is a collaboration between Duke University, North Carolina State University, and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Our mission is to lead quantitative research on topics important to the world and/or science. Most of our funding comes from the National Science Foundation, but SAMSI wants to aggressively expand its activity in machine learning and industry-relevant research.

To support that initiative, we are establishing the SAMSI Associates Program. It is an industry partnership, and participants contribute $10,000 per year to SAMSI.

In return, partners receive:

The regular opportunity to define a research topic for a SAMSI working group related to an on-going research program (recent and upcoming programs include Climate Science, Monte Carlo Approximation, Precision Medicine, Uncertainty Quantification, Machine Learning, Games, Decisions and Risk Theory).

High-level overview lectures by clearly communicating thought leaders on topics of interest to industry partners, and more technical lectures for partners who want to know the details. The Triangle universities provide a tremendously broad talent resource for this, and SAMSI can easily find the right people to address industry questions. Also, SAMSI has access and relationships with experts from non-local universities, and with some additional expense can facilitate access to these people.

Access to a list of curriculum vitae of graduate students in statistics, computer science, and applied mathematics who are interested in industry internships; the list is searchable by citizenship, programming languages, academic program, year in program, and technical specializations.

Reduced fees for SAMSI short courses, such as the recent course on programing in the Spark environment (essential for Big Data analysis; normally $990, but $760 for SAMSI Associates).

Biannual meetings with SAMSI leadership and relevant visitors to identify emerging research areas and establish one-off workshops on key topics.

For additional questions about this program, contact David Banks, SAMSI Director: [email protected]