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2004-05 Program on
Data Assimilation for Geophysical Systems

Data assimilation aims at accurate re-analysis, estimation and prediction of an unknown, true state by merging observed information into a model. This issue arises in all scientific areas that enjoy a profusion of data. The problem is fundamental yet challenging as it does not naturally afford a clean solution. The goal of the SAMSI Data Assimilation program is to identify outstanding mathematical and statistical issues and challenges of geophysical data assimilation while exploring innovative approaches and new directions from an interdisciplinary perspective.

To inquire about participation in the program as a fellow, go to Visiting & Employment Opportunities. To inquire about participation as a long-term visitor or in workshops, contact the program leaders or write to [email protected]

Program Leaders: Christopher K.R.T. Jones (UNC)--Chair, Kayo Ide (UCLA), Robert N. Miller (Oregon State), Douglas Nychka (NCAR), and Francisco Werner (UNC).

Scientific Committee: Jeffrey Anderson (NCAR), Mark Berliner (Ohio State), Andrew Bennett (Oregon State), Craig Bishop (Navy Research Lab), Montserrat Fuentes (NC State), Sujit Ghosh (NC State), Kayo Ide (UCLA), Eugenia Kalnay (Maryland), Susan Lozier (Duke), Authur Mariano (Miami), Ian McKeague (Florida State), Juan Restrepo (Arizona), Leonard Smith (Oxford), Chris Synder (NCAR), Istvan Szunyogh (Maryland), Olivier Talagrand (Ecole Normal Superier), Keith Thompson (Dalhousie), Zoltan Toth (National Center for Environmental Prediction), and Carl Wunsch (MIT).


Workshops:  The workshop series has the objective of bringing people with diverse, but relevant, expertise together.  To cover all anticipated issues and pace ourselves towards the main goal, there will be three core events:  the Opening Workshop in the RTP area on January 23-27, 2005, a collaborative workshop, "Mathematical Issues and Challenges in Data Assimilation for Geophysical Systems:  Interdisciplinary Perspectives", at  the Institute of Pure and Applied Mathematics (IPAM) at UCLA on February 22-26, 2005, and a summer school at NCAR, June 12-23, 2005.  In order to respond to new directions and issues as they emerge during there core workshops, additional spontaneous one-day workshops will also be organized at SAMSI or in the RTP area.


Research:  Data Assimilation is a complex interdisciplinary subject that involves engineering, geophysics and mathematics.  Within mathematics, it uses a variety of theories and techniques originating in such areas as statistics, dynamical systems and numerical analysis.  SAMSI will provide a platform for interdisciplinary collaborations through carefully designed plans for interactive research activities that will span a semester and beyond.  Participation of experts in any scientific and engineering fields that share similar needs for estimation and prediction of the unknown true state based on imperfect models and incomplete data is encouraged.  To foster collaboration and individual projects, SAMSI will complement repeat visits of key people by the spontaneous workshops.


Education:  For the training of young researchers in the Research Triangle area, SAMSI will offer a data assimilation course at the graduate level to students in the Spring 2005 semester.  For US and international students and postdoctoral fellows, a collaborative summer school "Fusing Models with Data:  From theory to practice to theory" will be held at the National Center for Atmospheric Research on June 12-23, 2005.


Tutorials and Kickoff Workshop

January 23-26, 2005


Issues, Challenges & Interdisciplinary Perspectives (at IPAM)

February 22-26, 2005


SAMSI/IMAGe Summer School

"Fusing Geophysical Models with Data"

(at NCAR-Boulder, CO)

June 13-17, 2005


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Data Assimilation Methods for the Ocean and Atmosphere
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