Transition Workshop: 8-10 May, 2017


This workshop will be held at NC Biotech Center / Hamner Conference Center in RTP.


The transition workshop for the ASTRO ( program is an opportunity for the active working groups in the program to exchange results and share their perspectives on common issues. This workshop is focused on recent research progress that has been made in connection with the many research areas spanned by the ASTRO program. Sessions of talks dedicated to each working group will feature presentations by active members. The workshop also seeks to facilitate planning for continuing collaborations on further research questions to extend beyond the period of the ASTRO program.

All ASTRO participants are asked to acknowledge support in any relevant publications and presentations, “This material was based upon work partially supported by the National Science Foundation under Grant DMS-1127914 to the Statistical and Applied Mathematical Sciences Institute.” See /forms-resources/crediting-samsi/.

Schedule and Supporting Media


Jogesh Babu (Penn State University)
Jake Coleman (Duke)
Rebekah Dawson (Penn State University)
Collin Eubanks (Carnegie Mellon University)
Eric Ford (Penn State University)
Matthew Graham (California Institute of Technology)
Danley Hsu (Penn State University)
David Jones (SAMSI)
Sheila Kannappan (UNC-Chapel Hill)
Soumen Lahiri (N.C. State)
Ashish Mahabal (California Institute of Technology)
Rafael Martinez-Galarza (Harvard)
Jess McIver (California Institute of Technology)
Jackeline Moreno (Drexel University)
Bo Ning (N.C. State)
Ana-Maria Staicu (N.C. State)
David Stenning (SAMSI)
Hyungsuk Tak (SAMSI)
Virisha Timmaraju (Texas A&M)

Supporting Media

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Speaker Titles/Abstracts
Poster Titles

Monday, May 8, 2017
The Hamner Center, Dogwood Rm

Description Speaker Slides Videos
Introduction and Welcome Sujit Ghosh, SAMSI Deputy Director
Recap of the ASTRO Program Jogesh Babu, Penn State University
Overview of Working Group II Activities Ashish Mahabal, Caltech
Overview of Working Group III Activities Soumen Lahiri, N.C. State
Overview of Working Group IV Activities: Heirarchical Modeling of Astrophysical Populations Eric Ford, Penn State University
Overview of Working Group I Activities David Stenning, SAMSI
Working Group IV Presentations Eric Ford, Penn State University
Hunting for Planets in the Presence of Stellar Activity David Jones, SAMSI
Nonparametric Prediction and the Exoplanet Mass-Radius Relationship Bo Ning, N.C. State
Hierarchical Modeling of the RESOLVE Survey Sheila Kannappan, UNC-Chapel Hill
Testing the Origins of Close-in Exoplanet Populations Rebekah Dawson, Penn State University
Working Group III Presentations Soumen Lahiri, N.C. State
Robust and Accurate Inference via a Mixture of Gaussian and T-type Error Distributions Hyungsuk Tak, SAMSI
Pulsar Timing for GWB: Statistical Methods Jogesh Babu (Penn State University) and Soumen Lahiri (N.C. State)
Statistical Challenges in Analyzing LIGO Gravitational Wave Data Jessica McIver, Caltech

Tuesday, May 9, 2017
The Hamner Center, Dogwood Rm

Description Speaker Slides Videos
Working Group II Presentations Ashish Mahabal, Caltech
Building a Training Set for a LSST Light Curve Classifier Rafael Martinez-Galarza, Harvard
Scheduling Observations and Period Finding Ana-Maria Staicu, N.C. State
Where do AGN Live in CARMA Parameter Space? Difficulties in Constraining Model Parameters Jackeline Moreno, Drexel
Preparing for the LSST Virisha Timmaraju, Texas A&M
Working Group I Presentations Robert Wolpert, Duke
Computer Model Calibration to Enable Disaggregation of Large Parameter Spaces, with Application to Mars Rover Data David Stenning, SAMSI
Computer Emulation with Frequency Histogram Output Jake Coleman, Duke
Improving the Accuracy of Planet Occurrence Rates from Kepler Using Approximate Bayesian Computation Danley Hsu, Penn State University
Multi-resolution Mapping of the Intergalactic Medium Collin Eubanks, Carnegie Mellon University
Poster Session:
A Study of Galaxy Group Velocity Dispersions Using Heirarchical Bayesian Modeling Charles Bonfield, UNC-Chapel Hill
Applications of Persistent Homology Brittany Fasy, Montana State University
Modeling Exoplanet Transit Timing Variations Using Geometric MCMC Noah Tuchow, Penn State University
Modeling Period & Period Ratio Distributions of Exoplanetary Systems Mathhias Yan He, Penn State University

Wednesday, May 10, 2017
The Hamner Center, Dogwood Rm

Description Speaker Slides Videos
Announcements and Updates Sujit Ghosh, SAMSI Deputy Director
Panel: Challenges and Opportunities for the ASTRO program Jogesh Babu, Penn State University
Program Leaders of Working Groups: Collect feedback for program reports
Program Reports Preparation: Working Groups meet separately to prepare reports
Concluding Remarks, Adjourn and LUNCH

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