SAMSI Educates Undergrads on Mathematics and Optimization

SAMSI hosted an Undergraduate Workshop as part of its Education and Outreach initiative in their Program on Optimization from Feb. 27-28, 2017.

Nearly 40 undergraduate students from universities across the country were treated to lectures on optimization methods used in large-scale statistical analysis and were also introduced to statistical inverse problems. In addition, students received hands on familiarization with software packages that help to determine these complex calculations.

Though the workshop only lasted two days, students stayed busy! They received an overview on who SAMSI is and how they are helping to support and promote those considering the fields of mathematics and statistics. Students also met and networked with SAMSI Postdoctoral Fellows. Post docs mentored the young group on what they should focus on in their academics to get ready for the job market in the fields of applied mathematics and statistics.

On the last day, students took a field trip to SAS, a major internationally known software company, headquartered in N.C.

During their visit, the students received talks from computer scientists, analytical mathematicians and optimization specialists on how SAS develops software in line with client user and business objectives.

To see what was discussed, visit: OPT E&O Undergraduate webpage.