Opening Workshop: August 20 – 24, 2018

** Deadline for applications for this workshop is June 28, 2018 **


This workshop will be held at Gross Hall on the campus of Duke University.


The SAMSI program on Model Uncertainty: Mathematical and Statistical brings statisticians and applied mathematicians together with disciplinary scientists from a variety of fields, to better understand the effects of modeling and uncertainty on predictions. This workshop provides the foundation of the MUMS year, examining the theoretical basis for statistical uncertainty, the strengths and weaknesses of models of real world processes and the uncertainty in those processes, computational methods to solve model equations, and the degree of confidence in predictions and inferences resulting from the analysis.

Much of scientific activity of this program will arise from Working Groups – groups of scientists interested in a common theme, who will meet regularly during the year. On Thursday afternoon, a series of brief presentations will be scheduled, to seed the formation of Working Groups. Organizational meetings of these proposed groups will follow, and continue into Friday morning. Among the potential topics of Working Groups are: Foundations of Statistical Model Uncertainty; Modeling Across Scales; Materials Informatics and Mechanics; Reduced Order Models; Uncertainty in Extrapolative Settings; Biomedical Data and Precision Medicine (joint with the PMED program); Stochastic Discretization; Uncertainty in Geoscience; the Small Data problem; Uncertainty and Machine Learning. Multiple Working Groups on similar topics may be formed.

** Planning for this workshop is ongoing. As more information becomes available, it will be updated here **

Confirmed Speakers currently include:

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