MUMS Transition Workshop and SPUQ: May 14-17, 2019

** Deadline for applications for this workshop is March 14, 2019 **


This workshop will be held at Sitterson Hall, Room 014 on the campus of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.


The SAMSI program on Model Uncertainty: Mathematical and Statistical has brought statisticians and applied mathematicians together with disciplinary scientists from a variety of fields, to better understand the effects of modeling and uncertainty on predictions, typically called Uncertainty Quantification (UQ). This joint workshop is designed to bring together SAMSI researchers in UQ and UQ researchers who could not participate in the MUMS program, both to share the results of SAMSI research and to assess the overall state of UQ. The first half of the workshop will highlight research from the MUMS program year, addressing foundational questions in UQ, the strength and weaknesses of models, and computational methods and applications of UQ. The second half will focus on non-SAMSI researchers, under the auspices of the second workshop on Statistical (and mathematical) Perspectives on Uncertainty Quantification (SPUQ), following up on the first SPUQ conference, held in 2017 at Georgia Tech University.

** NOTE: A poster session/reception will be held on Thursday evening, May 16. **

Questions: email