Bayesian, Fiducial, and Frequentist (BFF) Conferences

** Deadline for applications for this workshop is March 20, 2019 **

Applications received after March 20th are subject to availability.


This workshop will be held at Penn Pavilion on the campus of Duke University.


The Bayesian, Fiducial, and Frequentist (BFF) conferences began in 2014 as a means of facilitating scientific exchange among statisticians developing new BFF methodologies. These conferences offer an opportunity to examine different statistical paradigms, and compare various methodologies. This year BFF6 is being held jointly with the 2018-2019 Model Uncertainty: Mathematical and Statistical (MUMS) program at the Statistical and Applied Mathematical Sciences Institute (SAMSI), and in particular MUMS working groups on the Foundations of Model Uncertainty and on Data Fusion.

** A short course will be presented on April 28; research contributions will be presented April 29-May 1. **

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