ASTRO: Time Series Analysis for Synoptic Surveys and Gravitational Wave Astronomy: March 20-23, 2017

Participation by invitation only.


This workshop will take place at the International Center for Theoretical Sciences (ICTS), Bengaluru, India.


This workshop, co-sponsored by ICTS (India), is part of the SAMSI year-long program on Statistical, Mathematical and Computational Methods for Astronomy (ASTRO) and the primary goal of this mid-program workshop is to further enrich the SAMSI ASTRO program by including international researchers in the area of synoptic time domain surveys and time series analysis of gravitational wave data. The participants of the workshop will focus on advancing the current understanding of the above stated research topics by incorporating expertise of researchers from India and the U.S. who are working on Electromagnetic (EM) counterparts to Gravitational Wave (GW) sources.

In essence, this workshop would enable U.S. researchers to learn from the expertise of Indian researchers (at leading institutions in India) and also enable U.S. researchers to exchange and share the methodologies developed by two of the five working groups of the SAMSI ASTRO program.

The workshop will begin with a few overview lectures designed to familiarize attendees with current trends in time domain astronomy and modern methodologies in statistics and applied mathematics. The subsequent part of the workshop will follow with specialized research lectures on the existing subgroups, panel discussions about collaboration possibilities between different groups with specific end-points in mind through collaborative research sessions.

Questions: For those interested in participating or for further details, please contact one of the organizers or the SAMSI directorate liaison listed on the right. For more information about this program, visit the Time Series Analysis for Synoptic and Gravitational Wave Astronomy page at ICTS.