Combinatorial Probability Virtual Opening Workshop

Deadline for Registrations was January 8, 2021

Probability distributions over rankings and decompositions of rankings and extensions of classical deterministic optimization-based methods to stochastic situations will be addressed. Random partitions will also be covered, which arise in many applications, from bridge hands to modeling gerrymandering in voting districts, where one is interested in distributions of demographic, political affiliation, and social affiliation variables conditional on the partition. Topological data analysis will be discussed.

Confirmed Speakers:

Louigi Addario-Berry (McGill)
Persi Diaconis  (Stanford University)
Christopher Hoffman (University of Washington)
Matthew Kahle (Ohio State University)
Elchanan Mossel (MIT)
Oanh Nguyen (University of Illinois)
Robin Pemantle (University of Pennsylvania)
Gabriele Sicuro (EPFL)
Allan Sly (Princeton University)
Prasad Tetali (Georgia Tech)
Yun Wei (SAMSI)
Peter Winkler (Dartmouth)
Lenka Zdeborova (EPFL)

Schedule and Supporting Media

Printable Schedule
Titles and Abstracts

Thursday, January 14  (Virtual – All times Eastern Standard Time (NY))

Time Description Speaker
9:45  Welcome and Opening Remarks David Banks, SAMSI/Duke University
10:00 Shotgun Assembly of Graphs: Old Results, New Results, and Open Problems Elchanan Mossel, MIT
11:00 Epidemics on Random Networks Oanh Nguyen, University of Illinois
12:00 Break
1:00 Large Permutations   (Slides) Peter Winkler, Dartmouth
2:00 Random Stable Matchings Christopher Hoffman, University of Washington
3:00 Adjourn

Friday, January 15  (Virtual – All times Eastern Standard Time (NY))

Time Description Speaker
10:00 The Planted K-factor Problem   (Slides) Gabriele Sicuro, Lenka Zdeborova, EPFL
11:00 Extremes in Random Trees   (Slides) Louigi Addario-Berry, McGill
12:00 Break
1:00 A Course in Probabilistic Combinatorics-Slides (Notes) Persi Diaconis, Stanford University
2:00 A Unified Framework for Correlation Mining in Ultra-high Dimension   (Slides) Yun Wei, SAMSI
3:00 Adjourn

Tuesday, January 19  (Virtual – All times Eastern Standard Time (NY))


Time Description Speaker
10:00 Enumeration via Large Deviation Theory   (Slides) Robin Pemantle, University of Pennsylvania
11:00 Random Simplicial Complexes  (Slides) Matthew Kahle, Ohio State University
12:00 Break
1:00 Local Functions for the Ising Model on the Tree Allan Sly, Princeton University
2:00 Adjourn