GDRR Working Group II: Cybersecurity

Group Leaders:
David Rios Insua (ICMAT-CSIC and Royal Academy of Sciences)
Vicky Bier (University of Wisconsin-Madison)


An important issue for national security is cyber-security. Businesses, governments, and private individuals have all been victims of cyber-attacks. These attacks typically involve large sums of money/financial assets, multiple hackers and targets, and the resulting game is asymmetric. The current approach to risk management for cyber-security is a patchwork of standards, software and protocols, frequently based on risk matrices. They have been criticized for their many limitations, but most importantly they do not provide for incorporation of adversarial nature of cyber-attacks. Some recent research considered an adversarial risk analysis approach for cyber-threats to the oil and gas industry. A much broader framework is needed to address cyber-security threats. Cyber

threat assessment and protection of networks pose statistical and computational challenges since intrusion detection requires analysis of ”big data” arising from networks. 

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