Past Research Programs


Year-Long Program on Games, Decisions, Risk, and Reliability (GDRR)

Semester-Long Programs:

1) Deep Learning

2) Causal Inference

2018 – 2019

Program on Statistical, Mathematical, and Computational Methods for Precision Medicine (PMED)

Program on Model Uncertainty: Mathematical and Statistical (MUMS)

2017 – 2018

Program on Quasi-Monte Carlo and High-Dimensional Sampling Methods for Applied Mathematics (QMC)

Program on Mathematical and Statistical Methods for Climate and the Earth System (CLIM)

2016 – 2017

Program on Optimization (OPT)

Program on Statistical, Mathematical and Computational Methods for Astronomy (ASTRO)

2015 – 2016

Program on Challenges in Computational Neuroscience (CCNS)

Program on Statistics and Applied Mathematics in Forensic Science (Forensics)

2014 – 2015

Program on Bayesian Nonparametrics: Synergies between Statistics, Probability and Mathematics (BNP-SSPM)

Program on Uncertainties in Computational Hemodynamics (UCH)

Program on Beyond Bioinformatics: Statistical and Mathematical Challenges (Bioinformatics)

Program on Mathematical and Statistical Ecology (ECOL)

2013 – 2014

The International Surface Temperature Initiative

Program on Low-dimensional Structure in High-dimensional Systems (LDHD)

Program on Computational Methods in Social Sciences (CMSS)

2012 – 2013

Modern Statistical and Computational Methods for Analysis of Kepler Data

Neuroimaging Data Analysis

Computational Advertising

Program on Statistical and Computational Methodology for Massive Datasets

Program on Data-Driven Decisions in Healthcare

2011 – 2012

Program on Methodology of Uncertainty Quantification

Program on Geosciences Applications of Uncertainty Quantification

Program on Engineering of Uncertainty Quantification

Program on Climate of Uncertainty Quantification


2010 – 2011

Program on Analysis of Object-Oriented Data

Program on Complex Networks

2009 – 2010

Program on Space-Time Analysis for Environmental Mapping, Epidemiology and Climate Change

Program on Stochastic Dynamics

2008 – 2009

Program on Algebraic Methods in Systems Biology and Statistics

Program on Sequential Monte Carlo Methods

2007 – 2008

Program on Risk Analysis, Extreme Events and Decision Theory

Program on Environmental Sensor Networks

2006 – 2007

Program on the Development, Assessment, and Utilization of Complex Computer Models

Program on High Dimensional Inference and Random Matrices

2005 – 2006

Spring Program on Astrostatistics