Workshop on the Interface of Statistics and Optimization (WISO)

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Application Deadline is December 16, 2016


This workshop will be held at the Penn Pavilion (Level 2), Duke University, Durham, NC


The integration and cross-fertilization between statistics and optimization is urgent and productive. Traditionally, optimization has merely been used as a tool to compute numerical solutions for statistical problems, while optimization theory and algorithms have rarely supported statistical techniques. This compartmental approach is proving to be non-optimal. More and more statistical tools are being developed by borrowing strengths from optimization, while optimization is looking to statistics for new insights, speed and robustness.

This workshop will bring together researchers who are pioneers in the synergy of statistics and optimization. It will serve SAMSI’s mission to forge a synthesis of the statistical sciences and the applied mathematical sciences with disciplinary science to confront the very hardest and most important data- and model-driven scientific challenges. The workshop will also address contemporary issues with potentially significant impact in industrial applications.

Schedule and Speakers:

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**Poster session/reception will be Wednesday, February 8, 2017.  Requests for poster presentations can be entered into the on-line application.**

Planning for this event is ongoing. Updates will be posted to this page as they transpire.

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