Stochastic Process Modeling for Ecological Processes

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Wednesdays 4:30 pm at SAMSI, Research Triangle Park, NC, beginning September 3, 2014
No class during week of Thanksgiving: Wednesday Nov 26, 2014
Last class: December 3, 2014

Instructors: L. Miller, A. Lloyd, D. Adalsteinsson, J. Clark, A. Gelfand

Description: The central theme of this proposed course is the use of stochastic process models to introduce desired behaviors into models for complex ecological processes. Objective include both emulation and data analysis. Specifically, there will be a focus on (stochastic) pde’s for dynamical systems with application to invasive and emerging infections (Lloyd) and to dispersal and spatial effects in competition models (Miller). There can be demanding coding aspects to this work with the possibility of some flipped classroom “lectures” (Adalsteinsson, Miller). On the more statistical side, the emphasis would be on hierarchical modeling with examples of hierarchical models for inference on seed dispersal and pde’s for population growth (Clark) supplemented with space-time diffusions for invasive species (Gelfand). Model development here would be complemented with some computer labs in R.

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  • UNC-CH: STOR 930 Section 001 (cross-listed with MATH 892 Section 001)
  • Duke: STA 790.04
  • NCSU: MA 810.002

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