Spring 2007: Environmental Modeling


Wednesdays 4:30pm-7:00pm at SAMSI, Research Triangle Park, NC, beginning Wednesday, January 10, 2007
No class during week of Spring Break
Last class: Wednesday, April 2007

This course was taught by:

  • Richard Anderson, Duke University
  • Jim Clark, Duke University
  • Montserrat Fuentes, N.C. State University
  • Gabi Hegerl, Duke University
  • Ken Reckhow, Duke University
  • Peter Reichert, Swiss Federal Institute of Aquatic Science and Technology

Course Outline:
Getting an overview of and some practice in environmental modelling and its application for increasing our knowledge about ecosystem function and for environmental decision support.

Contents: The course is organized in three parts:
I. Buildung Environmental Models (construction of environmental models)
II. Statistical Inference and Uncertainty Estimation (learning from data
combining data with prior information)
III. Environmental Decision Support (use of models for environmental decision support under uncertainty)

Class Meetings

Date Lecture Topic Speaker
Part I: Building Environmental Models
Jan 10 Models of Terrestrial Ecosystems I Jim Clark
Jan 17 Models of Terrestrial Ecosystems II Jim Clark
Jan 24 Models of Terrestrial Ecosystems III Jim Clark
Jan 31 Models of Aquatic Ecosystems I Peter Reichert
Feb 07 Models of Aquatic Ecosystems II Peter Reichert
Feb 14 Models of Aquatic Ecosystems III Peter Reichert
Feb 21 Climate Models I Gabi Hegerl
Feb 28 Climate Models II Gabi Hegerl
Mar 7 Climate Models III Gabi Hegerl
Part II:Statistical Inference and Uncertainty Estimation
Mar 14 Single Decision Regimes: Additional Methods [cont.] Montserrat Fuentes
Mar 21 Multiple Decision Treatment Regimes: Fundamentals Montserrat Fuentes
Part III:Environmental Decision Support
Mar 28 Environmental Decision Support I Ken Reckhow
Student Presentations/Case Studies
Apr 11 Case Studies I
Apr 18 Case Studies II