Program on Methodology of Uncertainty Quantification

Uncertainty Quantification (UQ) and its recent developments are closely intertwined with several applications, most notably climate and engineering. To properly explore not only methodological issues but also applications to specific fields, SAMSI devoted its entire resources in 2011-2012 to the UQ program. The structure of the 2011-12 UQ program is indeed unique among SAMSI programs in that, instead of running two year-long programs in parallel, we ran one UQ program with not only (i) a main methodological theme but also, stemming from it, three distinct application fields, namely, (ii) climate modeling, (iii) engineering and renewable energy and (iv) geosciences. This structure was aimed at fostering the seamless integration into the program of these fields and their corresponding research communities.

Working Groups:

    1. Surrogate Models
    2. Inverse Function-Based Inference
    3. Approximating computationally Intensive Functions and Sampling Design in High Dimensions
    4. Multiphysics
    5. Model validation
    6. Fundamentals of Spatial Modeling
    7. Geostatistics
    8. Data Assimilation
    9. Simulation of Rare Events

** To see more in depth information on this program, see the report HERE **