Summer 2015: Uncertainties in Computational Hemodynamics: June 1-3, 2015


This workshop was held at SAMSI.


During this workshop, bio-engineers, mathematicians, medical doctors, physiologists and statisticians worked collaboratively toward the resolution of three significant challenges in the context of computational hemodynamics: (i) stochastic modeling, (ii) big data approach and (iii) relevance in the clinical setting. The three-day event was structured so that one day was devoted to each challenge, with a mix of talks and brain storming sessions.

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Schedule and Supporting Media

Speaker Titles/Abstracts

Monday, June 1, 2015

Description Speaker Slides Videos
Welcome and Introductions Pierre Gremaud, N.C. State University
Evaluation of autonomic cardiovascular control through mathematical analysis Jesper Mehlsen, Clinical Medicine, Aarhus University  
Neurovascular Coupling and the BOLD Signal Tim David, BlueFern Supercomputing Centre, University of Canterbury
Big Data Integration in Biomedical Studies Hongtu Zhu, Statistics, University of North Carolina  
Multi-scale/Multi-fidelity Simulation of the Brain Vasculature George Karniadakis, Applied Mathematics, Brown University

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Description Speaker Slides Videos
Vascular Reserve in Aging Brain-Implication for Gait and Balance Vera Novak, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center
Where are the Uncertainties in Micro-Vascular Modeling? Franck Plouraboue, Institut de Mecanique des Fluides, Toulouse
Multiscale Modeling of Microcirculation Daniel Tartakovsky, Mechancial and Aerospace Eng., UCSD  
Computational Models Alison Marsden, Mechanical and Aerospace Eng., UCSD
Adam Mahdi, Biomedical Eng., University of Oxford

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Description Speaker Slides Videos
Model based predictions of blood flow and pressure in arterial networks Mette Olufsen, N.C. State University  
Discussion on Future Directions