STATMOS/SAMSI Workshop on Climate


National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR), Boulder, CO


SAMSI is proud to be co-sponsoring a joint event with STATMOS involving the study of climatology at NCAR. NCAR will host a small workshop bringing together climatologists and statisticians to work in teams on problems in statistical climatology. Workshop participants will be assigned to groups of size 3 or 4 including at least one climate scientist and one statistician to work on a climate data analysis project during the week. Senior scientists will be in attendance throughout the week to discuss projects with each group. There will be at most 8 groups and 30 group members to allow for ample interaction among all attendees. Important goals of the workshop include:

  • Provide experience carrying out interdisciplinary research.
  • Expose climate scientists to cutting edge statistical methods.
  • Expose statisticians to current problems in climate science.
  • Initiate longer-term collaborations and friendships between climate scientists and statisticians.

Groups will be formed in advance of the meeting and will be asked to identify a dataset and a specific problem to address before the meeting begins.


Participants are encouraged to use any data that could be freely shared with other members of a group. Some specific possible sources of data are NCAR’s substantial archive of climate model runs, including:

Information about these datasets can be found at and

Another dataset that participants may want to consider is the C20C+ Detection and Attribution Project: