Professional Development (September 14, 2016)


Room 150, SAMSI, RTP, NC.

Part I: 10:00am – 11:15am

Title: Preparing Your CV for the Job Market

Writing effective application materials is crucial to any job search. In this first part of the workshop, participants will learn creating effective CVs for printed and online versions. Time will be reserved to work on your documents, so please feel free to bring a job description and your CV. Dr. Witelski will feature live demos of CVs available online drawing examples of CVs from candidates from leading math and stat departments. This session will address considerations for participants applying to academic positions.
Presented by: Prof. Thomas Witelski, Duke University (SAMSI)

Part II: 11:15am – 12:00pm

Title: NSF Expectations for a Successful Proposal

Writing creative and effective grant proposal is challenging as it requires balance between intellectual merit and broader impact of the grant proposal. In this second part of the workshop, drawing upon his experience as a former NSF program director, the Dr. Ghosh will share the “Do’s and Don’t s” of writing grant proposal, primarily focused on NSF style proposals (e.g., CAREER grants).
Presented by: Prof. Sujit Ghosh, NC State University (SAMSI)

NOTE: Lunch will be provided at noon in the 2nd Floor Lounge