NCSU Event: Pathways to Success – July 15, 2019


N.C. State University


To advise and assist college-bound, STEM-focused, high school students with identifying goals and developing a structured plan for success in the discipline of statistics and mathematical sciences.

The workshop had three groups of participants:
Group One – Undergraduate Mentors

  • Jordan Lewis (undergraduate mentor, NCSU statistics major)
  • Mallory LaRusso (undergraduate mentor, NCSU statistics major)

Group Two – High School STEM teachers/Pre-service teachers

  • Michelle Koop (pre-service teacher at NCSU)

Group Three – High School Students from Triangle Area

  • Aishwarya Balaji
  • Morayo Balogun
  • Nicole Carr
  • Jacob Day
  • Matthew Denoncourt
  • Loren Liu
  • Justin Lumpkin
  • Sydney Ross
  • Andrei Staicu

In addition, STEM teachers and students completed survey forms discussing their impression of the week-long boot camp event, of which, the “Pathways to Success Workshop” was a part.

Speakers for this event included the following students from N.C. State:

  • Jordan Lewis
  • Mallory LaRusso
  • Michelle Koop

Schedule of Events

  • Introduction
  • Overview of Pathways to Success
  • Dr Kent Leung, Research Asst. Professor, Dept. of Physics, NCSU – My Pathway through School and My Career
  • Activity: Developing an idea for your individual pathway
  • Discussion with partner of personal pathway strategy
  • Discussion with group about pathway strategy
  • Identifying obstacles to success – academic and professional career (examples and insights provided by Dr Leung)
  • Discussion with partner of potential obstacles to encounter in future academic and professional career
  • Discussion with group: Overcoming individual obstacles for success and maintaining the course
  • Beyond Pathways – Career Exploration Activity
  • Questions:
    Eric Chi, Asst. Professor, Dept. of Statistics, N.C. State University, email: