E&O: Undergraduate Modeling Workshop: May 18-22, 2020

More information as it becomes available will be posted here.


This workshop will be held on the campus of NC State University, Raleigh, NC.


The mathematical sciences, particularly through applied mathematical and statistical research, facilitate modeling of natural phenomena, decision making and risk analysis, with machine learning playing an ever-increasing role.  This workshop will expose students to the research process by applying mathematics and statistics to problems in these areas. Besides gaining familiarity with the research process, students will also learn about domain-specific problems, gain skill in handling large data sets and insight into modeling, and will also have fun working with peers on a group project.

Students will work in small groups on specific problems drawn from the above research themes. Investigations will be guided by project mentors, but there will be freedom to explore new ideas. A specific aim will be to promote awareness of the key points in the research process from the formulation of problems to the articulation of results. Each day will begin with an overview giving the appropriate background, motivation, and context for the day’s activity. Through the rest of the day, there will be ample time for group work punctuated with group reports and short presentations by SAMSI early career mathematical scientists recounting their own experiences in carrying through a research project.

Specific problem topics for this workshop have not yet been determined and planning for this workshop is ongoing. Updates will be posted on this page as they occur.

Questions: email ugworkshop@samsi.info