E&O: A Short Course on Modern Data Science: October 19, 2018







Sponsored by the Statistical and Applied Mathematical Sciences Institute (SAMSI) and NSF ACE Data Science and Analytics Program at NC A&T State University


This workshop took place at the Statistical Computing Lab at Marteena Hall on the campus of North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University (NC A&T), Greensboro, NC.


The course covered the basics of regression, classification and cluster analysis from a modern machine learning perspective that emphasizes various kinds of sparsity and applications. Topics include the Curse of Dimensionality, the use of the bootstrap and cross-validation, a primer on smoothers, variable selection, bagging, boosting, and stacking, support vector machines and random forests. It also included some exercises in R.






Dr. David Banks, the Director of SAMSI, taught the short course.

Questions: email Professor Seong-Tae Kim at: [email protected]