Program on Mathematical and Statistical Ecology Working Group – Ecology of Infectious Diseases


The goal of this working group is to support mathematical and statistical advances in the ecology of infectious diseases. We are particularly interested in the transmission dynamics of infectious diseases and the interaction between disease and the ecological processes of organisms. There is a great deal of interest and need for more work in this area. For example, diseases can have a large economic impact to our food supply (e.g., brucelosis spreading from bison in Yellowstone to captive livestock ) as well as the real impact of when wildlife diseases spread to humans (e.g., avian influenza recently killed more than 40 people in China and Cambodia).

Topics of interest include

(1) spatial-temporal models for disease,

(2) combining empirical (statistical) and mechanistic (mathematical) models for disease dynamics ,

(3) dynamics of vector-borne disease, particularly mosquito-borne infections.

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