PMED Working Group VII: Tumor Heterogeneity

Group Leaders:
Kevin Flores (NC State University)
Erica Rutter (NC State University)
John Nardini (SAMSI/NC State University)

John Nardini

In vivo tumors exhibit a broad range of heterogeneity, such as spatial differences, geno- and pheno-types, and environmental. A fundamental question the group aimed to solve was how, why, and if heterogeneity is important? And what could be done about it? The group attempted to address these issues by understanding this variability, making use of fascinating new imaging tools and recent mathematical and statistical modeling techniques?
We identify a few specific problems to tackle:

  • Identify the different mathematical models incorporating heterogeneity into a review article
  • Multi-treatment scenarios in the context of different types of heterogeneity? Why is adaptive therapy so successful with a simple measurement of tumor volume with such heterogeneity? How does this differ with different cancer types?
  • Multiple models of cell competition in light of constrained sources of heterogeneity (such as mobility)

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Program on Statistical, Mathematical, and Computational Methods for Precision Medicine (PMED)