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Christopher StricklandI am a Postdoctoral Fellow in the Mathematical and Statistical Ecology program at SAMSI and the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. I received my PhD in mathematics at Colorado State University in December 2013, under the joint supervision of Dr. Gerhard Dangelmayr and Dr. Patrick Shipman. The title of my dissertation is The Mathematical Modeling and Analysis of Nonlocal Ecological Invasions and Savanna Population Dynamics, which was primarily concerned with a problem in mathematical ecology involving the probabilistic spread of a biological invader over heterogeneous domains and networks and in the development of a savanna model which seeks to better understand how savanna ecosystems are dependent upon various climatic variables and fire disturbance.

Currently, I conduct research modeling, analyzing, and optimizing systems in ecology as part of the Program on Mathematical and Statistical Ecology. I have a diverse background in applied mathematics, including mathematical modeling, numerical analysis, dynamical systems theory, and mathematical biology. I am broadly interested in both applications and mathematical methods for dynamical systems, modeling, and data analysis. I enjoy working directly with scientists and engineers to obtain practical, data driven results, and I have been fortunate enough to collaborate directly with ecologists and biologists both domestically and internationally to shape my research problems.

I received my Bachelor of Science degree in mathematics at the University of Mississippi in May of 2005 with a minor in physics, concurrently completing a Bachelor of Arts degree in French. I graduated from the Sally McDonnell Barksdale Honors College in the same year, and am a member of Phi Beta Kappa. In August 2007, I received a Master of Science degree from the mathematics department at the University of Florida, after which I made the transition to Colorado State University to receive my PhD.

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The role of water and fire in driving tree dynamics in Australian savannas, 2016
Network spread of invasive species and infectious diseases, 2015
Modeling the presence probability of invasive plant species with nonlocal disperal, 2014
Towards a continuous population model for natural language vowel shift, 2013

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Zombie Infection Model – Graduate Student Seminar Talk
Intro to Mathematical Logic (Ordinals and Cardinals) – Graduate Student Seminar Talk