Optimization Working Group VII: Applications to Energy and the Environment

Group Leaders: Mihai Anitescu, Jianfeng Lu

SAMSI Webmaster: Peter Diao

Weekly Meetings: SAMSI Room 219; Thursdays Noon-2:00pm ET

Description: We aim to pursue two directions. We will investigate load modeling for energy problem, at different time scales, from minute to hours and days, with an aim of setting up a parameter estimation problem. The target problems are from the modeling of phase measurement unit signals and hdyroelectricity scheduling. In the second direction we will investigate the issue of determining optimization problems under  uncertainty that are robust to model misspecification. This direction is inspired by optimal energy dispatch problems under renewable energy uncertainty.

News and Updates: Coming soon…

SAMSI Directorate Liaison: Ilse Ipsen

Questions: pdiao@samsi.info

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