Inspection of Composite Assemblies Using a Non-Destructive Approach – A Project for IMSM 2012

Harris Halilovic
Mechanical Technology Development
Lord Corporation
Erie, PA

H. Thomas Banks and Shuhua Hu
Department of Mathematics
North Carolina State University
Raleigh, NC

Project Description

A non-destructive approach is used to inspect composite assemblies for internal flaws and predict load carrying capabilities. Statistical test data is used to isolate the key variable(s) for non-destructive inspection approach.


1. NDT Resource Center, Introduction to Acoustic Emission Testing

2. JOM-e, Using Acoustic Emission in Fatigue and Fracture Materials Research

3. I.G. Scott and C.M. Scala, A Review of Non-Destructive Testing of Composite Materials

4. L.A. Duesing, Acoustic Emission Testing of Composite Materials

5. T.M. Roberts and M. Talebzadeh, Acoustic Emission Monitoring of Fatigue Crack Propagation

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