6th Blackwell-Tapia Conference: November 14-15, 2008


This workshop was held at the Radisson Hotel-RTP, Research Triangle Park, NC.


David Blackwell and Richard Tapia have inspired a generation of African-American, Native American and Latino/Latina students to pursue careers in mathematics.

Dr. David Blackwell
Dr. Richard Tapia









This one and a half day conference featured:

  • Recognize and showcase mathematical excellence by minority researchers.
  • Recognize and disseminate successful efforts to address under-representation.
  • Inform students and mathematicians about career opportunities in mathematics.
  • Provide networking opportunities for mathematical researchers at all points in the higher education/career trajectory.

The conference included:

  • Scientific talks
  • Poster presentations
  • Panel discussions on issues concerning diversity in the mathematical sciences
  • Provide networking opportunities for mathematical researchers at all points in the higher education/career trajectory.
  • Ample opportunities for discussion and interaction
  • Banquet and presentation of 2008 Blackwell-Tapia Prize

2008 Blackwell-Tapia Prize winner

Dr. Juan C. Meza, Department Head and Senior Scientist for the High Performance Computing Research Department at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory




Dr. Meza was the 2008 recipient of Blackwell-Tapia Prize. The Blackwell-Tapia Prize recognizes a mathematical scientist who has contributed and continues to contribute significantly to research in his or her field of expertise, and who has served as a role model









Schedule and Supporting Media

Printed Schedule
Speaker Abstracts
Poster Titles

Friday, November 14, 2008
Radisson Hotel, Research Triangle Park, NC

Description Speaker
Welcome and Introduction
Analysis of High-Dimensional Structure-Activity Screening Datasets Using the Optimal Bit String Tree Jacqueline M. Hughes-Oliver, N.C. State University
Panel Discussion: Getting Undergraduates Involved in Research (Chair) Carlos Castillo-Chavez, Arizona State University
Reinhard Laubenbacher, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
Juan Meza, Lawrence Berkeley National Lab
Peter Mucha, UNC-Chapel Hill
Michael Shearer, N.C. State University
Short Talk I: Statistical Methods for Genetic Association Studies in Structured Populations Tim Thornton, University of California, San Francisco
Crocodilia, Sex Determination and Delay Differential Equations Angela Gallegos, Tulane University
Technologies for Addressing Environmental Challenges Freda Porter, Porter Scientific
Poster Session and Reception

Saturday, November 15, 2008
Radisson Hotel, Research Triangle Park, NC

Description Speaker
Lecture: Predicting Geometric Properties of DNA from Hydrodynamic Diffusion Data Oscar Gonzalez, University of Texas-Austin
Short Talks II: Solitary Waves in Discrete Media in the Presence of Four-Wave Mixing Products Rudy Horne, Florida State University
Testing the Equality of Mean Functions for Continuous Time Stochastic Processes Yolanda Munoz Maldonado, Michigan Technological University
Lecture: Statistical Approaches for Parameter Estimation in Climate Models Gabriel Huerta, University of New Mexico
Short Talks III: A Criterion for Finding Cyclic kp((t))-division Algebras Ulrica Wilson, Morehouse College
Using Mathematics to Transform Communities Tanya Moore, Building Diversity in Science
Presentation: Opportunities at SAMSI, the Math Institutes, and NSF Jim Berger, SAMSI
Cheri Shakiban, IMA
Peter March, NSF
Panel Discussion: Career Opportunities in the Mathematical Sciences (Chair) Carolyn Morgan, Hampton University
Tanya Moore, Building Diversity in Science
Bob Rodriquez, SAS
Nell Sedransk, NISS
Janet Spoonamore, Army Research Office
Lecture: Optimization: The Cradle of Contemporary Mathematics Richard Tapia, Rice University
Blackwell-Tapia Lecture: Optimization: The Difference Between Theory and Practice Juan Meza, Lawrence Berkeley National Lab
Conference Reception and Banquet