Transition Workshop 2017: 1-3 May, 2017

Application Deadline for this workshop has now closed.


This workshop will be held at The Hamner Center in RTP.


The focus of the 2017 Spring Workshop has not yet been determined, please re-visit our site for updates.

Schedule and Supporting Media

Speakers and Working Groups

WG I (Stat Inverse problems): Ahmed Attia, Lars Ruthotto
WG II (E/M and M/M algorithms) Eric Chi
WG III (Sums of Squares) Sercan Yildiz
WG IV (Bayesian Opt + decision) Mike West, Michael Lindon
WG V (MIPDECO)  Joey Hart, Sven Leyffer
WG VI (Equilibirum) Shu Lu
WG VII (Energy & Environment) Peter Diao
WG IX (Small Area Stat) Ekkehard Sachs, Stefan Geisen
WG X (Radiotherapy): Melissa Gaddy
WG XI (Fast Statistics) Xiaoming Huo
WG XII (Electronic structure) Jianfeng Lu
WG XIII (Minimum action principle for multi-physics problems) Jianfeng Lu

Supporting Media

Printable Schedule
Speaker Titles/Abstracts
Poster Titles/Abstracts

Monday, May 1, 2017
The Hamner Center, Congressional Rm

Description Speaker Slides Videos
Welcome and Introduction Ilse Ipsen, SAMSI Associate Director
On The Pervasiveness of Difference-Convexity in Optimization and Statistics Jong Shi Pang, Univeristy of Southern California
Optimization and Applications in Statistics Ekkehard Sachs, Universität Trier (GER)
Efficient Calibration of Alaton’s Weather Derivatives Model by an Adjoint Technique Stefan Geisen, Universität Trier (GER)
Optimal Experimental Design for Constrained Inverse Problems Lars Ruthotto, Emory University
Goal-Oriented Optimal Design of Experiments for Bayesian Linear Inverse Problems Ahmed Attia, SAMSI
Optimization Algorithms for Convex Regression Eric Chi, N.C. State
Poster Reception

Tuesday, May 2, 2017
The Hamner Center, Congressional Rm

Description Speaker Slides Videos
Distributionally-Robust Optimization for Energy and Environment Peter Diao, SAMSI
Mixed-Integer PDE Constrained Optimization Sven Leyffer, Argonne National Laboratory
Exploiting Problem Structure in Mixed-Integer PDE-Constrained Optimization Joey Hart, N.C. State
Optimization of Non-uniformly Fractionated Radiotherapy Treatments Melissa Gaddy, N.C. State
Statistical Inference for Sample Average Approximation of Constrained Optimization and Variational Inequalities Shu Lu, UNC-Chapel Hill
Polynomial Optimization with Sum-of-Squares Interpolants Sercan Yildiz, SAMSI
Statistically and Numerically Efficient Independence Test Xiaoming Huo, Georgia Tech

Wednesday, May 3, 2017
The Hamner Center, Congressional Rm

Description Speaker Slides Videos
A Projected Proximal Gradient Algorithm for Bayesian Variable Selection Michael Lindon, Duke
Optimization-based Methods in Bayesian Dynamic Models, Variable Selection and Decisions Mike West, Duke
Two Optimization Problems from Computational Materials Science Jianfeng Lu, Duke

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