2011-12 Program on Uncertainty Quantification: Engineering and Renewable Energy

Analyzing and predicting the behavior of complex systems with multiple length and time scales has become a central activity across the broad spectrum of engineering fields. For such systems, limited information can be obtained from observation and experiment. Consequently, simulation-based science has become an essential tool across engineering as well. Since important and costly engineering decisions, e.g. product and system design, depend critically on simulation, uncertainty quantification has become increasingly vital to engineering advances.

The program will consider uncertainty quantification issues arising in a number of engineering fields, e.g., materials, circuits, aeronautics, fusion and fission reactors, nano/MEMS-scale devices. Given the increasing importance of sustainability to the national interest, we will place particular emphasis on engineering of green and renewable energy sources along with related environmental engineering issues. Some specific applications to be considered include smart grid models, solar power, fuel cells and batteries, green fuel sources, risk models (including environmental risk and financial risk), economic impact models and eco-toxicology (carbon sequestration models for instance).

Organizers:  Don Estep (Colorado State), Roger Ghanem (University of Southern California), Miriam Heller (MHITech Systems)

Program Workshops:

Opening Workshop on Engineering & Renewable Energy: September 19-21, 2011

Scientific Programs for the Smart Grid

Mini-workshop/special seminar series on multiscale, multiphysics models in materials, energy and sustainability issues

The purpose of this mini-workshop/seminar series is to explore issues of uncertainty and error that arise in complex multsicale and multiphysics models used in materials and energy research. We will host leading application domain scientists and engineers to describe their multiphysics models in detail, and then describe the UQ issues that are relevant for the context of their models. The talks will be followed by several hours of discussion aimed at discovering the important details for UQ research. One goal of the series will be to foster new research collaborations.

The series will focus on materials and energy, especially as related to issues important to sustainability, including nuclear fuel, coal gas production, batteries and fuel cells, wind power, material modeling, pollution, power grid, and so on.

November 3, 2011: Khalil Elkhodary (Northwestern), Construction of multiscale materials models

November 17: Hany Abdel-Khalik (N.C. State and INL), Multiscale modeling of neutronics

December 15: Ayetkin Gel (NETL), UQ in upscaling goal-gas plant prototypes

Workshop on UQ & Renewable Energy: Date TBD

This workshop will bring together all stakeholders with an effort to better understand the uncertainties that affect renewable energies along their demand-supply chain. This should include generation, transmission, demand, smartGrid technologies, and related pricing and financial instruments.

Organizers: Habib Najm (Sandia) and Youssef Marzouk (MIT)

Prospective participants: Joseph F. DeCarolis (NCSU), Alireza Doostan (UC Boulder),  Mike Eldred (SNL), Roger Ghanem (USC), Marija Ilic (Carnegie Mellon U.), Omar Knio (Johns Hopkins), Josh Linn (RFF), Shuai Lu (PNNL), Dawn Manley (SNL), Steven Mitchell (BP), Sarah Ryan (Iowa State), Hai Wang (USC), Jianhui Wang (ANL), Jean-Paul Watson (SNL), David Woodruff (UC Davis), Victor Zavala (ANL)


Workshop on UQ & Nuclear Energy: Date TBD

This workshop will bring together stakeholders in nuclear assurance.

Organizers: Jim Stewart (Sandia) and Hany Abdel-Khalik (NCSU)

Prospective participants: Hany Abdel-Khalik (NCSU), Brian Adams (Sandia), Marv Adams (Texas A&M), Mihai Anitescu (ANL), Dan Cacuci (NCSU), Nam Dinh (INL), Mike Eldred (Sandia), Roger Ghanem (USC), Urmila Ghia (U. of Cincinnati), Guang Lin (PNNL), Ryan McClarren (Texas A&M), Michael Pernice (INL), Simon Phillpot (U. of Florida), Eric Phipps (Sandia), John Red-Horse (Sandia), Ralph Smith (NCSU), Kiran Solanki (Mississippi State U.), Pavel Solin (U. of Nevada), Laura Swiler (Sandia), Yixing Sun (Westinghouse), Angel Urbina (Sandia), Brian Williams (LANL), Nicholas Zabras (Cornell). 


Workshop on Sustainability: Date TBD

Objective of this workshop is to bring together people who are tasked with the practice of sustainability with those at the frontier of sustainability science. This includes sustainable technologies (i.e. with controllable carbon footprint and transparent reuse cycle), complex interacting systems, and urban planning.

Organizers: Don Estep (Colorado State), Roger Ghanem (USC), Miriam Heller (MHITech Systems)

Prospective participants: Francis Alexander (LANL), Jeff Arnold (US Army), Godfried Augenbroe (Georgia Tech), Ana Barros (Duke), Burcin Beceric-Gerber (USC), Casey Brown (UMASS-Amherst), George Deodatis (Columbia), Alireza Doostan (U. Colorado, Boulder), Leonardo Duenas-Osorio (Rice), Joseph Fiksel (Ohio State U.), David Gerber (USC), Robert Glass (Sandia), Christian Hellmich (TU Vienna, Austria), Sinan Keten (Northwestern), Yannis Kevrekidis (Princeton), Peter Louie (SoCal Metropolitan Water District), John McGrath (NSF), Anna Michalak (U Michigan), Anna Nagurney (U. Mass, Amherst), Habib Najm (Sandia), Priscilla Nelson (NJIT), Rosemary Renaut (Arizona State U.), George Saad (American U. of Beirut, Lebanon), Alexander Tartakovsky (USC), Paul Torrens (Arizona State U), Franz Ulm (MIT)


Workshop on UQ & Engineered Systems: Date TBD

This workshop will bring together individuals who are close to operational constraints, to identify common challenges and opportunities for advancing the relevance of UQ knowledge-base.

Organizers: Roger Ghanem (USC), and TBD

Prospective participants: Wei Chen (Northwestern), Mike Eldred (Sandia), Albert Gilg (Siemens-AG), Jerry Hefner (NIA), Chris Hoyle (Oregon), Gianluca Iaccarino (Stanford), Sean Kenny (NASA), Laura Laurati (Boeing), Pierre Lermusiaux (MIT), Marc Mignolet (ASU), Robert Moser (UT Austin), Abani Patra (SUNY, Buffalo), Lee Peterson (NASA), Mahadevan Sankaran (Vanderbilt), Matthew Sexton (Boeing), Pol Spanos (Rice), Karen Wilcox (MIT)

Workshop on UQ & Materials: Date TBD

Organizers: Wei Chen (Northwestern), Wing Kam Liu (Northwestern)

Prospective participants: Janet Allen (Oklahoma), Guillaume Bal (Columbia), Craig Burkhart (Goodyear), Wei Chen, (Northwestern), Tim Germann (LANL), Roger Ghanem (USC), Somnath Ghosh (Ohio State), Lori Graham (Johns Hopkins), Steve Greene (Northwestern), Gary Harlow (Lehigh), Iwona Jasiuk, (UIUC), Mike Kassner (ONR), Wayne King (Lawrence Livermore), Jeremy Knopp (Wright-Patterson AFB), Wing Liu (Northwestern), David McDowell (Georgia Tech), Bill Mullins (ONR), Greg Olson (Northwestern), Masoud Rais-Rohani, (Mississippi State), Tony Rollett (Carnegie Mellon), David Shahan (Univ of Texas-Austin), Jeff Simmons (Wright-Patterson AFB), (Yan Wang (Georgia Tech), Dongbin Xiu (Purdue),Nicholas Zabara (Cornell)

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